Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Today we learned how to play "Go Fish."  We played with a deck of cards.  But, we didn't use the whole deck.  You don't need the face cards.  You can play with 2 or more people.  First, you shuffle the cards.  Next, you deal each player 7 cards.  Then you organize your cards in your hand.  Next, you look to see if you have any pairs.  If you have a pair (2 of the same number), you put the pair on the ground or table.  The player who handed out the cards goes first.  They ask another player for a number card that would match one of the cards in their hand. If the other person has it, they give it up.  But, if they don't, they say, "Go Fish!"  Then the player who asked the question, picks the top card up off of the pile.  We would LOVE to teach our families how to play!!

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